A digital solution designed and based on your needs

The platform has been designed for and by fitness professionals. We understand your needs and we offer the solution!

  • Excellent user experience

    Forget about Excel, Word and emails! With our all-in-one software your will have everything you need to be a successful online personal trainer. Save time and deliver incredible coaching.

  • Simple and intuitive design

    Easy usability for you and your clients who receive your services through an App!

Stand out from the competition!

Digitalize your personal business and highlight the value of your services and your professional career compared to other coaches.

Key features


Spend more time training your clients and less on admin tasks.

Workout builder

Design customized workouts for your clients, using your own exercises and videos.

Client records

Invite and access the most relevant information about your clients so you can be one step ahead of their requirements.

Create a team

Invite other professionals to work on your team, making use of your complete library and programs.

Contact and notifications

Generate automatic notifications for your customers and communicate via chat and video sessions.

Nutrition plans

Create and customize nutrition plans, track and measure your client’s progress

Accept payments

Accept one-off recurring payments via credit or debit card. Increase your revenues by introducing more services or special packages.

Progress tracking

We make it easy to track exercise history and metrics, so both you and your clients can log results and visualize progress towards specific goals over time.


Customize your platform and App with your logo and favourite colours. Boost your personal brand and enjoy having your own App.

Elevate your coaching experience.
Run your business with tools
to deliver the best digital member experience

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